Rent your property in Abano

If you are the owner of a property that you have decided to rent, below you can discover our operating method.
Abano Real Estate deals with three important aspects: preparation for the market, the presentation of the tenant that reflects the needs and requests of the owner, the management of the contractual aspect, including utilities.

Market preparation:

  • evaluate the property and its potential through a careful analysis advising whether that type will be more requested furnished or not or by giving you some advice on the furniture already present;
  • make the calculation to check whether it falls into the category of properties that can take advantage of the agreed rent subsidy, with the related tax bonuses;
  • adequate photographic service aimed at enhancing the winning points of the property;
  • export to the best real estate portals, on the website and to our customers on the waiting list.

Request filter:

  • to each customer who contacts us we provide information regarding the "standard requests" of the landlord and we take care to verify that at least one of the contractors, in an appropriate location, can demonstrate to the owner his earning capacity through a permanent contract or other form certifying that the net income received is at least two thirds higher than the rent.
  • Only after an information meeting at the agency, when possible, we schedule the visit to the property based on the availability of the parties and the landlord can choose whether to be present or whether to delegate the agency.

Contract management:

  • Drafting of a lease proposal to finalize an agreement between the landlord and the future tenant;
  • Drafting and signing of the lease agreement;
  • Registration of the lease through the electronic service of the Revenue Agency;
  • Organization of the delivery of the property with meter readings;
  • Transfer or takeover of utilities.

Furthermore, after the stipulation, we also take care of all subsequent obligations. In short, a complete 360 ° service.

Through this operating method we guarantee the landlord maximum serenity in managing this important decision. Nowadays, it is not easy to feel comfortable in granting a property to a stranger. There are many fears, we hear disheartening news and rarely is there someone who reassures us, clearly explaining the right path to take. Abano Real Estate is there.